ZOL Interview with Kinghonor Wen Mingxun: The market will respect Intention to do Fresh air

In recent years, the fresh air purification industry has ushered in great development. More and more capital has poured into the fresh air market, and many families have installed the home fresh air system. Some insiders said that the new wind industry is about to usher in a period of rapid growth. At the beginning of 2018, ZOL online journalist Xu Banghe made an exclusive interview with King Mingxun, the founder of Kinghonor.

In the interview, Chinese always mentioned that although there are hundreds of companies flooding into the market, there are really fewer than 10 companies that really work hard in the new winds. The fresh air system industry has a long history and a broad development prospect. Kinghonor believes that the invisible service does not mean that it is not important. As long as it is related to users, we have the responsibility to be confident and stable.

ZOL Interview with Kinghonor Wen Mingxun

The following is an interview with ZOL online reporter Xu Banghe on Kinghonor Wen Mingxun:

In the new wind industry, the degree of attention is extremely high, what is the reality? The user’s demand for health is of course urgent. However, most of the new products and new fields are still in a wait-and-see state. Therefore, there is still a great pressure for survival for the new wind enterprises. It is necessary to make a good name in this industry. In addition to the products, the technology of cattle, and the excellent funds, it is a responsibility to be more possessed. It is illusory, but very practical.

This is an interview with Mr. Wen Mingxun, the founder of Kinghonor, because I have a certain understanding of the new wind industry, so for me personally, there is still a respect for companies that can concentrate on the research and development and production of fresh air products, Kinghonor It is such a company. Throughout the interview process, how deep the enterprise technology is and how strong the production line is is not the focus. The focus is on the transmission of attitude. We must know that the market prospects of the fresh air system are very very good. Even the fresh air system will become the speculation of the sixth major household appliances. Therefore, a large number of enterprises are pouring in, but there are only a few companies that are deeply involved in the production process. know.

I deeply agree that there are less than 10 companies that are really trying to be a new style.

This is a consensus between the chairman of the board and me. Although there are hundreds of companies flooding into the market, there are really no more than 10 companies that are really trying to be new and hard-working. Why do you enter this field, you will undoubtedly see a lucrative profit, and how many of them rely on the brand of “floating” operation?

You must know that if you want to have a deep understanding of the products, you must participate in the design and production of the products. Unfortunately, there are just a few new wind enterprises with independent R&D production capacity in China. Kinghonor is one of them. The operation center of Beijing, the R&D center of Shenzhen and the production center of Chibi in Hubei have completed the production and marketing loop of the entire Kinghonor. It is not avoided that many of the fresh air systems we see on the market come from the Kinghonor production line during the production process. Accumulate experience to grasp the lifeblood of technology. We often listen to the company and say: “We are based on technology as the cornerstone.” It is very simple to identify true and false. See if they really know how to make production. The technical school that is out of production is a joke.

ZOL Interview with Kinghonor Wen Mingxun

It’s thick and thin, so it’s suitable for the new wind industry.

The accumulation of thin hair is really suitable for the new wind industry, the future is infinitely good, the reality is very cruel, and everyone is struggling in this wave, Kinghonor is also one of them, the difference is that it is holding on to the belief. What is this belief? Wen Mingxun said that this is a service obsession with the health cause, which is an industry that can fight for life.

From the very beginning, the establishment of Kinghonor, a subsidiary of Shenzhen Gaoke Jinxin, has been working hard in the market. Only the Kinghonor can understand the bitterness. Now the new wind is in a special moment of high attention and less selling. It is not just consumers who keep watching. There are also many companies. Kinghonor seems to be a bit revered. The core is because this thing is really what consumers need. It is necessary to know that more than 68% of disease-induced diseases are related to unhealthy air. The “big health” cause requires friends with conviction to work together. The experience of channel laying and after-sales channel construction is actually spending money, and the effect can only be seen when the product is rolled out. Kinghonor chose to lay the foundation stone in the past few years in or

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