Kinghonor dual-series products are also certified by the national CCC

Recently, according to the compulsory product certification implementation rules issued by the China National Certification and Accreditation Administration, the Kinghonor system cabinet and wall-mounted dual-series products have passed the national CCC certification and issued certificates. CCC quality certification is called the compulsory product certification system. It is a product conformity assessment system implemented in China to protect consumers’ personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management, and implement laws and regulations. With the announcement of CCC certification, consumers will have a reference standard for judging the quality and safety of fresh air products in the future when purchasing any model of fresh air products.

With the popularity of the new wind industry in recent years, the popularity of the market and the increase in consumer demand, the market has gradually emerged a number of new wind products, and whether these new wind products can withstand the test of the market and the public, a very important prerequisite is Quality assurance. Mr. Wen Mingxun, the founder of Kinghonor, said that “the adoption of CCC certification is of great significance to Kinghonor and even the industry, so that our products are safe and reliable. Kinghonor’s CCC certification can be traced back to 2015, every year. Invest a large amount of money to test the quality and safety of the products, and to protect the live parts from the different series of products, the screw links outside the box, the auxiliary safety ring, the overload protection of the relevant working circuit, the moisture resistance at the working temperature, etc. Since the safety of the product has been considered, the protective measures have been added. After the official release of the CQC’s new wind safety standard this year, we have been actively participating in the testing of relevant national standards. The concept of Kinghonor is to let the people rest assured that they can make everyone The fresh air products that are used with confidence have strict standards for every aspect of manufacturing, installation, storage and inspection, and strive to shield all safety risks.” Kinghonor adheres to the company’s own self-discipline and rigorous attitude towards consumers. Relying on advanced equipment and mature technology, the products Quality to strive for perfection, and even exceed customer expectations. The passing of the CCC certification of the Kinghonor cabinet and wall hanging products is the consistent embodiment of Kinghonor’s responsibility for the quality of its products, and it also provides consumers with a strong and secure quality guarantee. Let “quality” truly become synonymous with “Kinghonor”.

China National Compulsory Product Certification - Kinghonor

At present, Kinghonor has set up experience halls in many cities across the country. The superior fresh air purification performance and the national standardized intimate service have won the favor of many families in China. In the decades of research and development of Kinghonor, more than 70 patents have been harvested. The products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. The successful CCC certification of Kinghonor multi-series products can be said to be comprehensive. The breath quality of a user is guaranteed, and it is also responsible for the healthy breathing of each user. As Wen Mingxun said, “Kinghonor’s goal is to make the fresh air system a high-quality product that is more in line with national conditions, adhere to the “ingenuity” concept, and transform the fresh air system from an icy industrial product into a household item into thousands of households as soon as possible. To enhance everyone’s indoor air quality and quality of life”

China National Compulsory Product Certification - Kinghonor
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