Hubei Xianning City leaders visited kinghonor to guide the work

On the afternoon of April 9, 2014, Ren Zhenhe, secretary of the Xianning Municipal Party Committee of Hubei, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Ding Xiaoqiang, the mayor of the city, led the party and government leaders to visit the holding company of Kingsun Holdings Co., Ltd. – Mr. Zhou Qinbin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hubei Kinghonor Co., Ltd. The arrival of the leaders expressed a warm welcome! Mr. Zhou first introduced the company’s general situation and development plan, and then Mr. Wen introduced the company’s production and research and development. The leaders made a great visit to the production workshop and watched the product samples of the exhibition and production with great interest. They showed great interest in the company’s new wind and other products, and fully affirmed the company’s construction and development. And placed high hopes.

Hubei Xianning City leaders
The secretary of the Xianning Municipal Party Committee, the mayor, and the mayor of Chibi City visited the kinghonor Industrial Park accompanied by the company’s Zhou Zong and Wen Zong.
Hubei Xianning City leaders
Mr. Zhou and Wen Zong accompanied the leader of the test kinghonor workshop
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