Fangru Education Group and Kinghonor escort for children’s breathing

On December 27, 2017, the signing ceremony of the strategic collaboration between Fangru Bilingual Art Kindergarten and Kinghonor in Fengtai District, Beijing was held in the kindergarten.

Fangru Education Group and Kinghonor escort for children's breathing

At the scene of the event, Kinghonor and Fangru Bilingual Art Kindergarten completed the signing ceremony under the witness of the Shumeng Community, Su Shuji, Jiaomen 2 Community Gao Shuji and Fangru Bilingual Art Kindergarten Wang Xiaohui and the representatives of the family committee. The signing ceremony means that school leaders are paying more and more attention to their children’s respiratory health, education and health, so that children have a golden childhood in a safe, comfortable and oxygen-rich environment.

Fangru Education Group and Kinghonor escort for children's breathing

Su Shuji of the corner gate community participated in this activity during his busy schedule. She said at the meeting: “Children are the hope of the country and the future. Fangru Kindergarten is the kindergarten in our immediate jurisdiction. We attach great importance to it. The healthy growth of the children in the park, this time we can cooperate with Kinghonor, we are very happy, the kindergarten can put the health of each child in the first place, which should be worthy of vigorous promotion and popularization.”

Fangru Education Group and Kinghonor escort for children's breathing

As the director of Fangru Kindergarten Wang Xiaohui said: Fangru Preschool has gone through 15 years of hard work and has been adhering to the educational tenet of “respecting the law of education, respecting the characteristics of children’s physical and mental development, respecting children’s personality”, and seeking truth and innovation. Care for every child, let the baby grow up healthy and happy in a safe and comfortable environment! Wang Yuanchang also mentioned the air problem in Beijing this year. Although the air quality has improved a lot compared with previous years, the children have 80% of the day. The time spent indoors, indoor pollution can cause unpredictable harm to children’s physical and mental health. Therefore, in the light of the child’s health and safety concept, we are very cautious to do field visits and exchanges with the Kinghonor brand. Finally, we chose Kinghonor to enter the kindergarten we are renovating. It is expected to officially open in March next year, hoping to do something practical for the children. Also let parents feel at ease. Shen Pengfei, director of the market for Kinghonor, also introduced the scale and development of the Kinghonor company to everyone present before the signing ceremony. At the meeting, Mr. Shen mentioned the dangers of indoor pollution and gave everyone a new understanding of the advantages of installing a fresh air system.

Beijing has always been the hardest hit area of ??smog. The child’s body is developing, the immune system is relatively fragile, and it is most vulnerable to respiratory infections in kindergartens. One of the main reasons for this problem is that the air is not circulating and enters the autumn and winter smog. The increase in weather and the decrease in temperature have made the indoor windows closed, which gives the epidemic virus a chance. We need fresh air and children need it. Kinghonor has been deeply immersed in the fresh air system industry and has strong production. R & D capabilities, technology accumulation and a complete production management system have been unanimously recognized by the community. Ventilation and ventilation of the window is not feasible under the serious pollution of the outside air. Therefore, installing the fresh air system in the kindergarten is the best choice for solving the problem of ventilation and ventilation and poor indoor air quality. Kinghonor is willing to work hard with the campus to create a clean and comfortable classroom, to protect the health of the breathing, to make children grow up happily, and to be responsible for every healthy breathing of the child!

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