The 14th International Fresh Air System Industry Expo, Kinghonor set off

International Fresh Air System Industry Expo, Kinghonor set off

On August 30, 2017, the 14th International Fresh Air System and Air Purification Industry Expo was grandly opened at the China International Exhibition Center. As the leading enterprise of the domestic intelligent fresh air system, Kinghonor brings its high-end products such as cabinet-style fresh air, wall-mounted fresh air, air purification series and H602plus new cabinet style fresh air.

As a new wind industry event, the International Fresh Air System Industry Expo attracted many well-known enterprises to participate in the exhibition and promoted the collective development of the new wind industry. As one of the exhibitors, Kinghonor exhibited a new series of wall-mounted fresh air and central heat exchange fresh air system. A variety of industry-leading products, such as new cabinet-type new fans, attracted many visitors to stop and watch.

Fiery scene
Fiery scene

At the exhibition site, Kinghonor attracted a large number of visitors to understand the fresh air system with a new high-caliber new fan. At the beginning of the project, there were a steady stream of customers entering the exhibition hall, observing the products, experiencing the effects of the fresh air system, and understanding the joining policy of Kinghonor with the staff. The scene was a hot anomaly.

In order to let customers understand the function and characteristics of the fresh air system more intuitively, the staff also specially carried out the operation demonstration of the new and new fan, and explained in detail every detail to let the user understand the performance of the machine. After watching the user, the user expressed a strong interest.

As the star product of the exhibition, the H602plus new cabinet-type new fan is also favored by most users at the beginning of the exhibition because of its very high value. As the star product of Hall, it is also the only two-way flow full-opening machine in China. With a unique 45° top air design and a new air volume of 350m3, combined with a built-in high-efficiency full heat exchange system, users can efficiently turbidity while Enjoy the ultimate experience of the new style of Kinghonor.

Star product H602plus

Kinghonor was also recognized by well-known domestic media. During the exhibition, Tencent Video interviewed Kinghonor Shen manager. Shen said that Kinghonor will continue to upgrade products in order to meet the higher user requirements, and will also create A more comprehensive after-sales plan has made Kinghonor more and more popular and supportive.

Tencent video interview with Kinghonor Shen manager

At the Expo, Kinghonor’s core product technology and new product release made people more aware of the strength of Kinghonor, and also let more people understand the importance of the fresh air system. The crowds look at the strength, and the Kinghonor booth is crowded. This is the strength of Kinghonor and the charm of Kinghonor. Focusing on cleansing fresh air and building a healthy breath is no longer a slogan, but the goal pursued by Kinghonor people. It is believed that Kinghonor will bring the best fresh air products into every family of the country and create a more refreshing breathing environment.

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